Company Info

In 2005 Jim Saul saw a need in the Small Business and Home user segment for good and honest IT help, so he stepped away from consulting for large corporations and founded Lake Area Networking Solutions Inc (tech acronym LANS). It was his vision to bring standard Corporate IT services to Small Business owners, who could never afford to hire an IT Department.

Soon after its inception, the local radio salesperson discovered the business phone number of 321-4376 spelled 321-HERO, and designed commercials around that. The HERO stuck. Everyone started to call Jim their HERO and that continues today, so he filed a DBA The Computer Hero under LANS. The name and logo are trademarked and the business is truly a HERO branded business success.

He rented office space in the downtown area of Fergus Falls, MN has some brochures designed and away he went. He quickly learned that if you are a one man operation, having office space and going out to solve customer issues didn’t go well. People would stop by the office, but Jim was onsite at a customer. He waited for his lease to expire and brought his business into the family home. That way, while his wife Ginny was homeschooling, she could answer phones and take computers in to be repaired, as well as be there for deliveries. That is when Ginny stepped in full time to the business and took over doing the Accounting and Invoicing. She fell in love and began taking on bigger roles of purchasing and tries to answer basic computer questions to free up Jim and later their employees.

During the next years, they grew and learned what did and did not work in their niche of the Computer Industry. Jim still attended Microsoft classes to keep up his Certifications then on to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Changing technology does not allow for you to become complacent. Since the business started until 2015, there have been 5 Operating System changes for PCs, 3 different Microsoft Office Suites, and APPLE had 6 changes, not to mention the explosion of IOS and Android markets.

Fast forward ten years later, and The Computer Hero name and logo have been trademarked. They finished the arduous 10 month process of Franchising and opened their first Franchise. The future for all of us is unknown, but with a successful business model like The Computer Hero, it looks bright.