Jim Saul

Jim_and_GinnyJim is the founder and president of The Computer Hero. He has almost 30 years experience in the computer industry, mostly as an International Consultant. When questioned about his formal computer education, he will usually laugh and explain that he is older than the Computer Science degrees, and that many of his peers from the pre-internet days went on to create the courses for the Computer Science programs. Jim and his wife and partner Ginny have been married since 1990, have 2 grown daughters, and they have resided in Fergus Falls, MN since 2001.

He has worked at all different size businesses from startups to large multi campus healthcare facilities, and was even a Y2K Consultant for IBM. He has created and trained help desks, as well as worked at a Director of IT. Do not think with all this experience that Jim is a dinosaur in the fast moving and changing world of IT, he has and continues to keep up in his field, he not only holds many high level Microsoft MCSE Certifications, but he is a Certified Trainer for Microsoft as well.

In 2005 Jim saw a need in the Small Business and Home user segment for good and honest IT help, so he stepped away from consulting for large corporations and founded Lake Area Networking Solutions Inc (tech acronym LANS). It was his vision to bring standard Corporate IT services to Small Business owners, who could never afford to hire an IT Department.

In 2014, his passion for Franchising grabbed him and the process began. Over the next 10 months, the paperwork process for franchising took place, paperwork for trademarking The Computer Hero and logo, as well as operating the business. In mid-February 2015, the final acceptance of the Franchise was complete and the first Franchise opened. It was a very busy but successful year indeed.

With years of experience dealing with businesses ranging from 2-20,000 employees, Jim loves equipping and mentoring other business owners on what it takes to run a successful business. He has helped business owners, in many different industries, bring their businesses to the next level. He has a great passion to help others, not just with IT knowledge, but the hows and whys of daily business operations and decisions. His experience and knowledge make him a very valuable go to person on how to run a successful business. His goal is to make sure every new HERO brings that same high level of professionalism, expertise, and integrity to their own hometown.