Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m interested in owning my own The Computer Hero location. How do I get started?

We’d love to have you join our Team! You’ll be part of a fast growing group of franchisees who share your passion for technology and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Joining The Computer Hero Team gives you a great opportunity to own your own business- but not just any business: an established brand with a proven operating system already in place. It’s easy to get started. Your first step is to complete the Contact Us form and let’s begin!

2. How much is the Franchisee Fee?

In the United States and Canada, the Franchise Fee is $30,000.

3. How much will it cost to open my franchise?

The total investment is an estimated $55,000 to $108,000.

4. What are the differences between The Computer Hero and other franchise systems?

Most franchise systems require royalty payments based on a percentage of sales. With The Computer Hero Franchise you pay royalties based upon your business’s Gross Profit, that is, total sales receipts less the wholesale cost of the merchandise you sell (cost of goods sold).

Under this system, the financial return to you and to The Computer Hero Franchising is tied to profitable sales rather than just sales.  That’s why The Computer Hero goes beyond and continues helping you increase sales by giving you the tools and resources you need to increase your profitability.

5. How much are the royalty and advertising fees?

Franchisees pay 9.0% of the gross profit monthly; 7% goes toward the franchise royalties,2% goes toward large scale marketing, and you are required to spend a minimum of 4% on local advertising, which will benefit you greatly.


6. Will there be training and support?

YES! All of our new franchisees attend extensive training at our headquarters. Once training is complete, on-going support comes in many forms, including local development offices, e-learning training courses, newsletter and much more.


7. How do I find a perfect location?

Our model is flexible and allows you to work from your home or have a retail location. Once you are a franchisee, our Team will educate you on the site selection process and how to find locations. Your local Development Agent will make a recommendation on whether a location should be approved or not, and with the assistance of the Field Representative and Corporate Leasing Department, you will negotiate the economics of the lease with the landlord. Our objective will always be to secure the best possible location for a reasonable rent.

8. I am eager to get started. How long does the opening process typically take?

While every case is different, the typical length of time between the time you fill out the Application, sign the Franchise Agreement, approve your location, and you open your business, is between 3 and 6 months.

9. What is a Franchise Disclosure Document and how do I obtain the document?

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will describe in detail how The Computer Hero Franchise relationship operates and will specify how the company is organized. It will also contain franchisee contact information so that you can contact our owners to get the information needed for your research. Once you completed the Contact Us we will forward it to you.

10. What is a Development Agent?

Development Agents are franchise brokers assigned to geographical areas. They oversee franchise sales, site selection, training and operational assistance for franchisees. Development Agents also make recommendations as to whether a prospective franchisee in their territory should be granted a franchise.

11. Are there any opportunities in my area?

Yes. As we continue our expansion, there are always new opportunities. Contact Us to take your first step in the process of learning about these new opportunities and information regarding your area of interest.

12. Are there any existing franchises for sale?

Franchises can occasionally come up for sale, for further information regarding your area of interest fill out the Contact Us form and we will let you know.

13. Do you a have a franchise brochure that I can view?

We have a PDF versions of The Computer Hero Franchising brochure available for download here.

14. How can I apply?

Contact Us for the Application.

15. I have more questions about how to get started, who can I contact?

If you have additional questions or would like to talk to a Sales Representative, you can Contact Us or call 1-844-321-HERO option 5.

16. How much money can I make?

Profitability depends on many factors including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and most important, your ability to operate the business effectively.

How much money you make will depend on how well you:

-Satisfy your customers’ needs by providing value, quality, and service, with  integrity.

-Implement all The Computer Hero’s operating principles

-Recruit and develop a top-rate, customer-focused store staff that can effectively communicate with your customers

-Monitor your sales trends while managing your expenses

17. Is there the opportunity to acquire more than one location?

Generally we only allow owner operated locations, however once an owner has a proven team in place, we are open to that owner opening another location.

18. Is The Computer Hero seeking woman / minority franchisees?

The Computer Hero is seeking qualified franchisees. We do not discriminate or give preferential treatment to anybody based on gender, race, nationality or religion.

19. What is the availability in my area?

The availability in specific areas will be discussed during your initial interview. Flexibility to relocate for an opportunity may be required.

20. Does The Computer Hero franchise to partnerships or investors?

We do franchise to individuals and partnerships, the business is owner operated, and therefore not open to investors.

21. Does The Computer Hero offer discounts?

Yes. The Computer Hero Veterans Franchise Program provides a discounted Franchise Fee to qualified United States Military veterans. Please Contact Us for more information.

22. If I already have a computer business, can I convert to The Computer Hero?

Yes! We do have a business conversion program, to qualify you must have at least 1 year in operation, and be willing to adhere to The Computer Hero’s policies. Contact Us for more information.