Are you a Hero?

We are looking for real achievers to be part of our TEAM. We want highly motivated people who are willing to strive for success not just sit back and wait for luck to strike, but people who make things happen. We only choose the best!


The Team

As a franchise owner, you are never alone, you are part of the Team. The Team consists of both franchise owners and corporate employees. Combined there is nothing that is beyond our abilities, from smart phones to Cloud Server we got your back. You can take advantage of the vast resources, knowledge, and expertise of the TEAM in your day to day functions. We even have a Marketing Team to help you effectively market to your area.

The Hero Team walks alongside you throughout the whole process. You are NEVER alone. No need to fear, The Computer Hero TEAM is here for you! We have ongoing support, tools and technology, and experienced people to make your job easier to run your entire business from customers, advertising and marketing, accounting and billing, to licensing and training. There are huge advantages to partnering with the Computer Hero Franchising TEAM, rather than going at a new start up alone. We are with you from initial franchise paperwork and set up of your business right through to invoicing your new customers, and BEYOND!

As an independent business owner, when an emergency arises or the desired family vacation comes and your doors are closed, your customers will go to the next company that answers their business phone. Then when you return, you have to try and win them back. That adds undue stress on you, we know, we have been there and that is why we implemented the TEAM system. Our TEAM approach grants you that priceless piece of mind to take that family vacation or time off when that emergency arises, knowing your customers will still be serviced with that same integrity and standard that they deserve. The TEAM approach benefits both you and your customers.


The Computer Industry is a Booming!

This large and rapidly growing market is limitless to those who have the passion. There are over 250 million personal computer users and 20 million Small Business users and they ALL need help now or in the near future. So if you looking to be part of an expanding $300 Billion Industry and one of the most highly regarded names in the industry, you are in the right place! The Computer Hero is poised and READY to become the National Leader in small business and personal computer market. By joining the Hero Team, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.



A Brand Your Customers Know and Trust!

The Computer Hero brand is a recognized regional innovator in the Computer Repair and Technology Services industry combining highly personable, friendly and effective technology repair services into a low overhead and high growth business model providing franchisees with the maximum revenue opportunity out of a single business location.  Our reputation is built on our response to client’s needs, ethics, quality, professionalism and our commitment to providing every customer, business and private client the best possible experience each and every time they need our help.  We combine Technology, cutting edge processes, equipment, Marketing Services and a unique approach to the Technology Services field.  We accomplish this by providing the absolute best client care and service in the industry and through a consistent, professional experience that allows the customer to receive the service they need and the experience they deserve. Branding helps acquire new customers while retaining existing ones.

Branding is a huge part of any business success, and we have already done that for you. Through the years we have perfected the branding in all we do. From  the paperwork to free giveaways we have branded The Computer Hero. Our copyrighted and trademarked logo and name is well branded, and helps keep our name and reputation in the forefront of everyone’s mind we come in contact with. It serves as a way for future customers to remember our name and phone number so when they need us, they call. Remember branding means more than logos and designs, it is the commitment which our name guarantees to our customers. They can be assured The Computer Hero will deliver quality service with integrity all at a reasonable price, no matter what franchise they receive service from.

From our jingle to our cars, we make a HERO statement
The customers can count on us to be their HERO!!!


Proven Model

Your success is our job!

We know what it takes to run a very successful Computer Sales and Repair business, so let us share that experience with you. We know what does and doesn’t work, and how to avoid the common pitfalls of starting your own business. We have the tools and corporate partnerships in place, and we are here to help you. From resolving customer’s issues quickly, to Marketing and Business Strategies, we have streamlined the day to day operations to make your life easier, and allow you to focus on growing your business. Our proven model and systems will help you to achieve your goals and become a successful business owner, just like we did. The best part is you are never alone, you are part of the HERO Team. The HERO Team allows you access to training and high level expertise, so whether it is helping you with a Server Farm or coverage for that family vacation, the HERO Team has your back.


Experienced and Ready to Help You!

We Are Ready! Are you?

We have perfected our core IT processes, our Administrative processes, and our software to create a world class business model that is profitable and sustainable. Combine the rising increased demand for experienced, quality Computer Services, and our successful model, and you are looking at an opportunity for a highly profitable business. Now throw into the mix our passion to help others and you have a very unique opportunity to join with an unstoppable successful TEAM. We have proven that this model not only works but is successful and is able to be replicated. We are passionately driven to help our Franchisees to be successful business owners. Ready for your cape?



The Hero team is here to support you! We have Microsoft Certified technical trainers and provide you with a proven step-by-step plan that works. New franchise owners go through an intense one on one training program at the Corporate Office and in the field. You will graduate with the necessary skills, confidence, and experience to be a success. You start with some computer knowledge and we teach you the rest.


Continued Training

Training does not stop after your business opens. Not only do you have the combined knowledge of the TEAM at your disposal, but there are also continuing training classes to help keep you up to date on the changing demands of the technology industry as well. The Computer Hero will not forget you after the papers are signed, we will consistently check in on you whether by phone or in person. We are only a phone call away so you can rest easy knowing someone has your back. The TEAM wants to make sure you are a HERO to your customers and will do whatever we can to make that happen. Since you will be learning from a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you can rest assured the info you receive is always correct and up to date as well.



Our Owner Operator Franchise model is ideal for those individuals who have the technical knowledge or desire to learn and desire to service local customers, while building their own business. Our Owner Operator Franchise lets you provide the technical service direct to your customers from the comfort of your own home. Startup costs are kept low by not requiring you to hire employees or rent a commercial location, unless you choose to. The model is flexible in that it does allow for hiring employees and retail store fronts as well as work from home solutions. The ideal market for a franchise is a population base ranging from 15k to 50k, however we have had success in areas with less than 10k. In the smaller population areas, personal relationships and already established integrity will really come into play, and allow you to service your customers with an already established knowledge of who and what you are. The initial investment can range between $50,000- $80,000, which includes the initial Franchise Fee.
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