A Brand Your Customers Know and Trust!

The Computer Hero brand is a recognized regional innovator in the Computer Repair and Technology Services industry combining highly personable, friendly and effective technology repair services into a low overhead and high growth business model providing franchisees with the maximum revenue opportunity out of a single business location.  Our reputation is built on our response to client’s needs, ethics, quality, professionalism and our commitment to providing every customer, business and private client the best possible experience each and every time they need our help.  We combine Technology, cutting edge processes, equipment, Marketing Services and a unique approach to the Technology Services field.  We accomplish this by providing the absolute best client care and service in the industry and through a consistent, professional experience that allows the customer to receive the service they need and the experience they deserve. Branding helps acquire new customers while retaining existing ones.

Branding is a huge part of any business success, and we have already done that for you. Through the years we have perfected the branding in all we do. From  the paperwork to free giveaways we have branded The Computer Hero. Our copyrighted and trademarked logo and name is well branded, and helps keep our name and reputation in the forefront of everyone’s mind we come in contact with. It serves as a way for future customers to remember our name and phone number so when they need us, they call. Remember branding means more than logos and designs, it is the commitment which our name guarantees to our customers. They can be assured The Computer Hero will deliver quality service with integrity all at a reasonable price, no matter what franchise they receive service from.

From our jingle to our cars, we make a HERO statement
The customers can count on us to be their HERO!!!