The Team

As a franchise owner, you are never alone, you are part of the Team. The Team consists of both franchise owners and corporate employees. Combined there is nothing that is beyond our abilities, from smart phones to Cloud Server we got your back. You can take advantage of the vast resources, knowledge, and expertise of the TEAM in your day to day functions. We even have a Marketing Team to help you effectively market to your area.

The Hero Team walks alongside you throughout the whole process. You are NEVER alone. No need to fear, The Computer Hero TEAM is here for you! We have ongoing support, tools and technology, and experienced people to make your job easier to run your entire business from customers, advertising and marketing, accounting and billing, to licensing and training. There are huge advantages to partnering with the Computer Hero Franchising TEAM, rather than going at a new start up alone. We are with you from initial franchise paperwork and set up of your business right through to invoicing your new customers, and BEYOND!

As an independent business owner, when an emergency arises or the desired family vacation comes and your doors are closed, your customers will go to the next company that answers their business phone. Then when you return, you have to try and win them back. That adds undue stress on you, we know, we have been there and that is why we implemented the TEAM system. Our TEAM approach grants you that priceless piece of mind to take that family vacation or time off when that emergency arises, knowing your customers will still be serviced with that same integrity and standard that they deserve. The TEAM approach benefits both you and your customers.